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Heavenly Hair

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TWIGGY DEVOUR [15 Mar 2010|01:27pm]

I orderd some dreads for my birthday and was i thought very spefic about what I wanted!

What I got however was a different kettle of fish.

I have brought this up with the seller and she had been so insulting. These were 6 weeks late and I think what I got was total muck.

Please don't give money to TWIGGY DEVOUR. She is a con artist and very unprofessional!
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[05 Aug 2009|07:41pm]

Desperate right now so selling these lovely wigs by Nevermind Creations.

Just because I put a lot of work into the fringe after buying it I'd like around $300 if possible.

$273 {I paid an extra 10 euro for extra pink dreads to be put in}
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Fluffy Boot Cover/Cyberlox Sale! [23 Jul 2009|11:22pm]

If interested in anything, please send me a message through LJ or e-mail at aer0kinetik@gmail.com.

Every order of fluffies outside of FL will have a flat rate shipping fee of $7.95
$3.95 for cyberlox.



Msg me for any type of information!!

Let me know!!

you can email me at aer0kinetik@gmail.com for more info!

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Huge Cyberlox Sale! [31 May 2009|01:07pm]


Our sale ends today! Don't miss it!

Come check out our cyberlox, dreads, fluffy leg warmers, and all our club wear at the most affordable prices!!

Custom orders available for no extra charge!
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Huge Cyberlox Sale!! [21 May 2009|05:24pm]


Come check out our cyberlox, dreads, fluffy leg warmers, and all our club wear at the most affordable prices!!

Custom orders available for no extra charge!
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[20 Feb 2009|01:50pm]


Dread Falls $23 shipped!!! Take em!! I need these gone! Less than 1/2 price!!!!!

Paypal preferred :)

Brown/Pink/Burgundy Dread Falls

short apprx. 14inches. 50 count (25 per fall) lace mounted.

50 ct

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New items @ CypherLOX.com! Get your custom falls/extensions by Christmas! [16 Nov 2008|11:57pm]

Check out our new items at CypherLOX.com!

Go to cypherlox.com, and mouse over "The Lox Shop Online Store" to purchase these new items!

Need Falls or Extensions by Christmas?

Click here for more information on holiday orders!Collapse )
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[27 Mar 2008|04:49pm]

On Sale



These are 25 extensions. THe colors i chose were BLonde and cobalt blue.There are 8 solid blonde dreads, 9 solid blue dreads, and 7 Blonde-to-blue transitional dreads. When installed into your hair you have a total of 54 dreads.

Price: $55 this includes shipping and handling

Not whatyour looking for....

I also make dread falls, wigs,extensions, and legwarmers of all types. Prices vary depending on what u want. for more information please email me at yalicea07@yahoo.com or add me on ur myspace at http://www.myspace.com/sadiekin_boutique
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[25 Jun 2007|12:38pm]


Click Picture to get there ^_^ Shipping is free when you buy it now!!
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[12 Jun 2007|11:31am]

so im selling a pair of falls on ebay. i really need the money to help pay bills and get my baby stuff. so come do me a favor and check it out

Click picture to get there
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New Long Falls Auction!! 7 days..ends next Friday Evening!! [23 Mar 2007|09:27pm]


Just click on the picture for the listing!

Thx ;-)
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updated web site [07 Mar 2007|06:36pm]

Hi everyone. I have recently updated my website and I invite everyone to check it out. I will be continually adding pictures etc.. I also will be shorting the processing time to 2 weeks since I will at my studio more doing hair full time. Thanks and hope everyone is having a great week!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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Battle scarz [03 Jan 2007|09:59am]


Model: Louise

Putting our excitement aside, this photo shoot was not planned in the slightest. It was all thrown together barely a day or two before the shoot because of an invitation to submit photos to be featured in Fiend Magazine. We were running out of time to send in photos…

This time we wanted to experiment with curly extensions – considering the theme was hardly as extravagant as some of our last – so we had to make sure the hair was at least a little different without involving too much blood and sweat.

…and we have SOOO many interesting - but funny outtakes.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

A more detailed account of how we did things can be seen in our journal.
Check the rest of the set @ www.x-lox.net. You'll find it in the dread gallery.
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[12 Nov 2006|10:43am]


Well our website appears to be back in working order. With all photos; as well as the sale items page now FIXED.

So if you missed out on getting your hands on some of our sale items or you wanted to see additional photos from our high fashion photoshoots - Go take a look NOW!


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Tree Museum Photoshoot.

Model: Louise
Hair: Double ended dreads - some with wire sealed in the center so that they could be bended into different shapes. [take a look at our LJ for a more in depth description]
Make-up, Nails, Hair, Photography: Miss Razors
Body art, Editting, Styling: Cherubicka

Yes it is a REAL birdcage. ^_^

xx Miss Razors
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Re-used roving... [01 Nov 2006|03:53pm]


Black Wool Roving Dreads #2
#3 #4
 These are some black wool roving dreads I made sometime at the start of this year. The first snow of the year was falling yesterday, so I guess it was the right time to install them again.
I washed them in the washing machine, and got rid of all the fluff you get after a bit of wear and washing before I put them in.
Now I´m all warm and cuddly, but they freakin hurt at the back of my head. I think they were installed a tad too tight. Ah well, it´ll stop after a few days.
The price we pay for beauty... Or whatever they say. LOL.
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[01 Nov 2006|08:42am]


Next x-lox high fashion photoshoot!!

Check it out to see more photos from this set and previous photoshoots we have done!
Or check out our livejournal for a behind the scenes look at our work!

Model: Louise

Make up, Nails, Hair, Photography: Miss Razors
Body art, hair, editting: Cherubicka

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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Jungle Fever [09 Oct 2006|08:37am]

After extensive work, sweat and almost dying of malaria..we have accomplished our SECOND photoshoot.

Unfortunatly, I am not permitted to show more then one picture as of now.
The hair being modelled is tribal/indian themed.
Offical launch [31st of October].</b>
email: orders@x-lox.net

Make up, photography, hair: Miss Razors
Accessories, costume, hair: Cherubicka

Models [left to right]: cherubicka, Kessi
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[30 Jan 2006|07:17am]


This is my latest hair.
I dyed my hair blonde!!
These are the longest dreads I've had.
I only have about 30 double ended dreads in instead of my usually 40-50.
Plus I have heaps of rexlace and plastic in there.
I find the longer they get the heavier they are.
Less is more.
Drool over them bitches!
Image hosting by Photobucket

Read more...Collapse )

Yes I made them...
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[18 Jan 2006|08:54pm]

Hi guys :) I just wanted to let you guys know that I have taken over the duties of maintaining and updating Heavenly-hair.com :) The site has been switched over to my server, and some of you may have noticed it was half way down for a lil bit. Its all up and running and should stay that way! :)

I would love any input on what you might like to see added to the site! :)

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recent X-LOX.net hair orders [28 Nov 2005|08:16pm]

Well X-LOX has been getting a few orders over the past couple of weeks so I thought I would take the opportunity to showcase some of our most recent work. + i finally got *an almost* clear photo of the falls I made for astrid.

X-LOX.net = Dreads/extensions/falls/plastic/cyberlox + accessories such as cat ears/cat tails/bracelets/legwarmers. We also make hair specifically for hire for fashion shows, runway, photoshoots etc. If your interested in anything or want to find out more about it please email us at orders@x-lox.net


model: Little Astrid of the band Astrid Haven.
These falls were worn to Sihk or Treat.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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