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Heavenly Hair

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This community is an extension of the Heavenly Hair Archive which is maintained by misskitten.

The purpose of this community is to be somewhere that people can show off their hair creations and submit their pictures to be included in the Heavenly Hair Archive.

Before you join this Community you must understand and follow these rules:

1. All pictures posted here are posted with the understanding that they MAY be used in the Heavenly Hair Archive. It is for this reason that you must include the following information with your pictures:

* Name and website link of person who made and/or installed the hair
* Name and website link of the person wearing the hair if model is used
* Name and website link of Photographer if one is used
* Any personal links or email addresses you would like included on the Archive

2. Pictures MUST be of excellent quality and show the hair clearly if you want to be included in the Archive. Please note that not ALL pictures will be included.

3. If you are going to post more than one picture, please post all other pictures behind an LJ-cut. Also, do not post any pictures wider than 600px

4. Please use a descriptive title for you post as this makes it easier for people to look through the archives.

5. This is NOT a place to ask about how to make hair or where to buy supplies.

6. This is NOT a ratings Community, so I do not expect any bitchy comments about the way people look. Any comments like this will be deleted.

7. No posting of Me-mes or quizzes.

8. Text only posting is NOT allowed.

9. No posting of any auction adverts or website adverts. Please go to synhair_sale, uk_ebay_goffs, niceboots or other sale Communities.

10. No advertising of other Communities.

The moderators of this Community are misskitten and faticeira if you have any problems, please contact them.

If you would like to visit some more Fake Hair related journals, please take a look at these. These are the places to go if you would like to learn more about Fake Hair. Please read their rules before joining:


Here are some LJ Hair Journals of people who make Fake Hair. These are generally linked to their websites. Please note that they are not for posting pictures of you hair in as they are related to their own sites and are not show off Communities. Similarly these are also not places of general enquiry about making falls... please go to one of the other communities listed above.