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recent hair orders

Well X-LOX has been getting a few orders over the past couple of weeks so I thought I would take the opportunity to showcase some of our most recent work. + i finally got *an almost* clear photo of the falls I made for astrid. = Dreads/extensions/falls/plastic/cyberlox + accessories such as cat ears/cat tails/bracelets/legwarmers. We also make hair specifically for hire for fashion shows, runway, photoshoots etc. If your interested in anything or want to find out more about it please email us at


model: Little Astrid of the band Astrid Haven.
These falls were worn to Sihk or Treat.

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Model: Sonya of the local Sydney band, Vulure
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Model: Monica
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Model: Larissa
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Model: Jade
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Model: Louise
Modeling hair made by X-LOX as well as the cat ears
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Lovely work ^_^
thankyou very much.
Is your website down? I tried to find it but to no avail..

The dreads look lovely!
yer its down at the moment. but if your interested in anything or want to find out more about it. email us at