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recent hair orders

Well X-LOX has been getting a few orders over the past couple of weeks so I thought I would take the opportunity to showcase some of our most recent work. + i finally got *an almost* clear photo of the falls I made for astrid. = Dreads/extensions/falls/plastic/cyberlox + accessories such as cat ears/cat tails/bracelets/legwarmers. We also make hair specifically for hire for fashion shows, runway, photoshoots etc. If your interested in anything or want to find out more about it please email us at


model: Little Astrid of the band Astrid Haven.
These falls were worn to Sihk or Treat.

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Model: Sonya of the local Sydney band, Vulure
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Model: Monica
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Model: Larissa
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Model: Jade
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Model: Louise
Modeling hair made by X-LOX as well as the cat ears
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